1. Submit a completed official entry form, insurance waiver, and entry fee to the Intramural Sports Office (ISO). Entry forms without full name, ID #, and signature of each participant will not be accepted. Entry fees are to be paid at the ISO in the student center. An individual who is interested in playing an intramural sport but does not have a team may add their name to the FREE AGENT list located in the ISO. The staff will make every effort to get all individuals on the FREE AGENT list on an established team, or a new team will be formed with the players on the list. People on the list are not required to pay their fee until they are officially placed on a team.
  2. Playing under an assumed name will render a person ineligible for further competition in the intramural program for the remainder of his/her time as a student at HU. The team will be forced to forfeit all games in which an ineligible person played. If this infraction is not discovered prior to the playoffs, only the most recent playoff game will be forfeited. If it is determined that a team knowingly used illegal players, the team will be disqualified immediately from intramural play.

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Director of Intramural Sports:
Mr. Clyde Etter
Student Center - Room 212
Office Phone: 757.637.2320