Business Administration Directory

Dr. Ruby L. Beale Dr. Ruby L. Beale Professor & Chairperson Location:Ethel Buckman Hall, 120-c Phone:757-727-5389 Read Bio »
Mrs. Sonya Caffee Mrs. Sonya Caffee Location:Whipple Barn, 143 Phone:
Dr. Francisco Coronel Dr. Francisco Coronel Professor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 203F Phone:757-727-5858 Expertise:Marketing, Management and Real Estate Read Bio »
Dr. Sid Howard Credle Dr. Sid Howard Credle Associate Professor Location:Ethel Buckman Hall, 119 Phone:757-727-5472 Expertise:Accounting, Personal Finance, Banking & Finance Read Bio »
Dr. Glenda M Evans Dr. Glenda M Evans Assistant Professor Location:Ethel Buckman Hall, 120A Phone:757-727-5882 Expertise:Business Administration, Accounting Read Bio »
Dr. Nikki Giovanni Finley Dr. Nikki Giovanni Finley Assistant Professor Location:Science and Technology, 301D Phone:757-627-2140 Expertise:1.Marketing goods and services 2.Marketing yourself (Personal Branding) Read Bio »
Mrs. Nicoleta Maghear Mrs. Nicoleta Maghear Assistant Professor Location:Ethel Buckman Hall, 211B Phone:757-727-6534 Expertise:Quantitative methods, management engineering, statistics, operations management Read Bio »
Dr. Sharad K Maheshwari Dr. Sharad K Maheshwari Professor Location:Ethel Buckman Hall, 121-B Phone:757-727-5605 Expertise:Operations Management, Supply Chain Management Read Bio »
Ms. Juanita Riddick Ms. Juanita Riddick Location:Ethel Buckman Hall, BU 120 Phone:757-727-5361