Financial Aid and Scholarships Directory

Mr. Martin Miles Mr. Martin Miles Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships Location:Whipple Barn204 Phone:757-727-5635 Expertise:Higher Education Finance Read Bio »
Ms. Tanesha S. Brown Ms. Tanesha S. Brown Assistant Director Location:Whipple Barn206 Phone: Expertise:Loan processing
Ms. Kiarra Fisher Ms. Kiarra Fisher Secretary Location:Whipple Barn213 Phone:757-727-5523
Mr. Douglas L. Gardner Mr. Douglas L. Gardner Financial Aid Counselor Location:Whipple Barn205 Phone:757-727-6726
Ms. Marian Hinton Ms. Marian Hinton Assistant Director Location:Whipple Barn2nd Floor Phone:7577275634
Mrs. Charlene Moore Mrs. Charlene Moore Financial Aid Counselor Location:Whipple Barn2nd Floor Phone:757-637-2802
Mr. William R. Smith Mr. William R. Smith Scholarship/Grants Coordinator Location:Whipple Barn201 Phone: Expertise:Scholarships Read Bio »