Student Counseling Center Directory

Dr. Kristie Norwood Dr. Kristie Norwood Director Location:Willie O. Lawton, 2nd Floor Phone:757-727-5617 Expertise:Help-Seeking Behaviors, PTSD, Sexual Trauma, and Adjustment Issues
Mrs. Petra Gross, LPC Mrs. Petra Gross, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 2nd Floor Phone:757-727-5617 Expertise:Anxiety disorders, Depressive and Mood related Disorders, Trauma, LGBTQ, Women's Issues, Personal Growth, Identity Exploration, Immigration Related Stressors
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Traxx-Burianek Mrs. Elizabeth L. Traxx-Burianek Secretary Location:Willie O. Lawton, 2nd Floor, Suite G Phone:757-727-5617 Expertise:Secretarial and Notary Public
Mr. Frederick Alton Wampler, LPC Mr. Frederick Alton Wampler, LPC Mental Health Counselor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 2nd Floor Phone: Expertise:Men’s Issues, LGBTQ, Trauma, Sexual dysfunctions, Wellness coaching, Relationship difficulties