Career Center Directory

Mrs. Acquanett Chance Mrs. Acquanett Chance Recruiter Location:Multi-Use Facility1st Floor Phone:7577275331 Expertise:Recruiter
Mrs. Shannon C. Fields Mrs. Shannon C. Fields Employer Relations Coordinator Location:Multi-Use Facility1st Floor Phone:757-727-5331 Expertise:Administrative, Event Planning, Corporate Relations, Graduate School Relations and Social Media Management
Ms. Stacey Fletcher Ms. Stacey Fletcher Recruiter Location:Multi-Use Facility2 Frissell Phone:757-727-6331
Ms. Kelley Stith Ms. Kelley Stith Secretary Location:Multi-Use Facility1st Floor Phone:757-727-5331
Mrs. Bessie B. Willis Mrs. Bessie B. Willis Director Location:Multi-Use Facility1st floor Phone:757-727-5331 Expertise:Career advisement, internship advisement, training and development, corporate relations, event planning Read Bio »