Buildings and Grounds Directory

Mrs. Cynthia Contreras Mrs. Cynthia Contreras Location:Armstrong-Slater, pipe services Phone:7577275000
Mr. Charles Corbin Mr. Charles Corbin Assistant Director Location:Armstrong-Slater, 3 Phone:757-727-5896
Mr. Randall Hardy Mr. Randall Hardy Director Location:Buildings and Grounds, 110 Phone:757-727-5463
Mr. Pedro Hernandez Mr. Pedro Hernandez Assistant Supervisor Location:Buildings and Grounds, N/A Phone:757-822-4469 Expertise:B.S. Agriculture
Ms. Unita Johnson Ms. Unita Johnson Location:Buildings and Grounds, 1st Flr Phone:757-727-5704
Ms. Lindsey Martinez Ms. Lindsey Martinez Physical Plant Receptionist Location:Armstrong-Slater, Physical Plant Office Phone:(757) 727-5461 Expertise:Administrative Assistant Work
Ms. Sylvia Turner Ms. Sylvia Turner supervisor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 709 Phone:757-727-5462 Expertise:supervisor Read Bio »