Buildings and Grounds Directory

Ms. Diamond Burwell Ms. Diamond Burwell Secretary of the Housekeeping Department Location:Armstrong-SlaterHousekeeping Phone:757-727-5462
Mrs. Cynthia Contreras Mrs. Cynthia Contreras Location:Armstrong-Slaterpipe services Phone:7577275000
Mr. Charles Corbin Mr. Charles Corbin Assistant Director Location:Armstrong-Slater3 Phone:757-727-5896
Mr. James Gregory II. Mr. James Gregory II. Group Leader Location:Center for Planetary and Atmospheric ScienceAcross from Bemis Phone:757 727 5462 Expertise:Building Services Housekeeping
Mr. Randall Hardy Mr. Randall Hardy Director Location:Buildings and Grounds110 Phone:757-727-5463
Ms. Unita Johnson Ms. Unita Johnson Location:Buildings and Grounds1st Flr Phone:757-727-5461
Mr. William Spencer Mr. William Spencer Location:Buildings and Grounds101a Phone:757-727-5704 Expertise:Technical Assistant
Ms. Sylvia Turner Ms. Sylvia Turner supervisor Location:Armstrong-Slater709 Phone:757-727-5462 Expertise:supervisor Read Bio »