University Police Directory

Mr. David E. Glover Mr. David E. Glover Chief Location:Health Services, 107 Phone:757-727-5259
Mr. Siddique Ali-Shahbaaz Mr. Siddique Ali-Shahbaaz Police Officer Location:Phenix Hall, 1st floor Phone:
Ms. Janice Bolden Ms. Janice Bolden Traffic Administration Office Supervisor Location:Whipple Barn, Annex Phone:757-727-5088
Mr. Michael D. Brown Mr. Michael D. Brown Captain Location:Multi-Use Facility, 101 Phone:757-727-5947
Mr. Ronald Davis Mr. Ronald Davis Deputy Chief of Police Location:Whipple Barn, 103 Phone:757-728-6188
Mr. Richard East Mr. Richard East Location:Health Services, Police Office Phone:757-727-5524
Ms. Jacqueline Fitzgeral Ms. Jacqueline Fitzgeral Dispatcher Location:Health Services, 132 Phone:757-727-6010
Ms. Chametta Oakes Ms. Chametta Oakes Dispatch Supervisor Location:Whipple Barn, 102 Phone:
Mrs. Michelle D. Peters-Mack Mrs. Michelle D. Peters-Mack Sergeant / Investigation unit Location:Whipple Barn, Traffic office Phone:757-728-6511
Mrs. Lorraine Pugh Mrs. Lorraine Pugh Dispatcher Location:Whipple Barn, 101 Phone:757-728-6245
Ms. Darlene Sessoms Ms. Darlene Sessoms Administrator Assistant Location:Whipple Barn, Rear of Whipple Barn Phone:757-728-6049
Mr. Michael T. Steward Mr. Michael T. Steward Lieutenant/Crime Prevention Unit Commander Location:Health Services, Campus Safety Office, Rm 105 Phone:757-727-5567 Expertise:Crime Prevention, Clery Act Compliance, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, VAWA Offenses, Campus Safety, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Mr. Craig VanClief Mr. Craig VanClief Uniformed Services Commander Location:Whipple Barn, 106 Phone:757-727-5293
Mr. Willie Walden Mr. Willie Walden Fire Chief Location:Whipple Barn, Room 140 Phone:757-727-5300 Expertise:Fire
Mr. Truman Waldon Mr. Truman Waldon Administrative Lieutenant Location:Whipple Barn, 101 Phone: