University Library Directory

Mrs. Tina Rollins Mrs. Tina Rollins Library Director Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:757-727-5371 Expertise:Library Science, Library Assessment, Diversity in Libraries Read Bio »
Ms. Sarah R. Armstrong Ms. Sarah R. Armstrong IRC Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus1017 Phone:757-637-2422
Ms. Iris Varia Austin Ms. Iris Varia Austin Library Clerk Location:Harvey Library436 Phone:757-637-2538
Mrs. Phyllis Banks Mrs. Phyllis Banks Periodical Clerk Location:Harvey Library2nd Floor Phone:757-727-5942
Ms. Sonya Basnight Ms. Sonya Basnight Peabody Librarian Assistant Location:Harvey Library3rd Floor Phone:757-727-5376
Ms. Gladys Smiley Bell Ms. Gladys Smiley Bell Peabody Librarian Location:Harvey Library3rd floor Phone:757 727 5185
Ms. Peggy Brown Ms. Peggy Brown Virtual Resources Librarian Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:757-637-2096 Expertise:Library Science, Electronic Resources, Science Subject Specialist Read Bio »
Mr. Gerard Bullock Mr. Gerard Bullock System Tech Location:Harvey Library3rd Floor Phone:757-728-6638
Ms. Sherise April Butler Ms. Sherise April Butler Library Clerk Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:7577275180 Expertise:Education: AAS, Social Science, 2016 (TNCC) BS, Psychology,(ODU) Class of 2019
Mr. Johnny Cook Mr. Johnny Cook System Clerk Location:Harvey LibraryCirc Phone:757-727-5575
Ms. Dana G. Evans Ms. Dana G. Evans Cataloging Librarian Location:Harvey Library3rd Floor Phone:757-727-5183
Ms. Elizabeth Sandidge Evans Ms. Elizabeth Sandidge Evans Reference Librarian Location:Harvey Library1st floor Phone:757-728-6917 Expertise:Library Science Read Bio »
Ms. Jannie D. Evans Ms. Jannie D. Evans Reference Librarian Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:757-727-5379 Expertise:Library & Information Science, Project Management, Leadership, and Program Management
Mr. Lamar Ford Mr. Lamar Ford Cataloging Assistant Location:Harvey LibraryTechnical Services Phone:757-727-5576 Expertise:English (Research, Writing), Technical Services
Mrs. Ann Hardy Mrs. Ann Hardy Library Assistant Location:Harvey LibraryCirculation Phone:757-727-5180
Ms. Raeshawn McGuffie Ms. Raeshawn McGuffie Assistant Director of Technical Services Location:Harvey Library3rd Floor Phone:(757) 728-6803
Mrs. Jaime Newland Mrs. Jaime Newland Interlibrary Loan Specialist Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:757-727-5186
Ms. Antoinette M Tubbs Ms. Antoinette M Tubbs Library Assistant Location:Harvey Library Phone:757-727-5180
Ms. Girija Venkat Ms. Girija Venkat Coordinator, Instructional Services Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:757-727-5561 Expertise:Research Assistance, Instructional Services Read Bio »
Ms. Anita Anita Wallace Ms. Anita Anita Wallace Librarian Assistant Location:Harvey Library2nd floor Phone:757 728 6881 Expertise:Social Services
Ms. Danita White Ms. Danita White Information Resources Librarian Location:Harvey Library1st floor Phone:757-727-5179 Expertise:Psychology, Counseling, Library Science Read Bio »
Mr. Timothy Woodard Mr. Timothy Woodard Government Documents Coordinator Location:Harvey Library1st Floor Phone:757-727-5105 Expertise:Government Documents, Reference, Interlibrary Loan Read Bio »