SET - Chemical Engineering Directory

Dr. Brian Aufderheide Dr. Brian Aufderheide Chairperson and Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Location:Olin Engineering Building318 Phone:757-727-5292
Dr. Adeyinka Adeyiga Dr. Adeyinka Adeyiga Professor Of Chemical Engineering & Director Of DOE Samuel P. Massie Chair Of Excellence Location:Olin Engineering Building318J Phone:757-727-5289 Expertise:Thermal Fluid Sciences and Catalysis Read Bio »
Ms. Veronica Charles Ms. Veronica Charles Administrative Assistant Location:Olin Engineering Building318 Phone:757-727-5288
Dr. Hoshang Chegini Dr. Hoshang Chegini Research Associate Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building318-D Phone:757-727-5817 Expertise:Thermal Sciences, Computational Fluid Dynamics Read Bio »
Dr. Rupak Dua Dr. Rupak Dua Assistant Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building318-D Phone:757-727-5069 Expertise:Tissue Engineering, Bioreactors, Orthopedics, Biomaterials, Regenerative medicine, Nanomaterials, Biomimetics Read Bio »
Dr. Jerald Dumas Dr. Jerald Dumas Assistant Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building318 Phone:757-727-5589 Expertise:chemical engineering, biomaterials, bone tissue engineering, Read Bio »
Dr. Ates Akyurtlu Dr. Ates Akyurtlu Professor Emeritus Location:Olin Engineering Building318-A Phone:757-727-5599
Dr. Jale F. Akyurtlu Dr. Jale F. Akyurtlu Professor Emerita Location:Olin Engineering Building318C Phone:757-727-5589