SET - Electrical and Computer Engineering Directory

Dr. Demetris Geddis Dr. Demetris Geddis Assistant Dean and Department Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering Location:Olin Engineering Building118 Phone:757-727-5299 Expertise:Integrated Photonics, Micro/Nano Technology Read Bio »
Ms. Maryann Almanzar Ms. Maryann Almanzar Electronic Technician Location:Olin Engineering Building405 Phone:
Ms. Tira Jackson Ms. Tira Jackson Project Manager Location:Olin Engineering Building118 Phone:757-728-6047
Dr. Vadivel Jagasivamani Dr. Vadivel Jagasivamani Research Assistant Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building302A Phone:757-727-5583
Mr. Vitaly Khaykin Mr. Vitaly Khaykin Laboratory Manager Location:Olin Engineering Building410 Phone:757-727-5741
Dr. Qiang Le Dr. Qiang Le Associate Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building318 M Phone:757-727-5557 Read Bio »
Dr. Otsebele E. Nare Dr. Otsebele E. Nare Associate Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building302B Phone:757-727-5818 Expertise:Electrical Engineering, Integrative STEM Education Read Bio »
Dr. Zhao Sun Dr. Zhao Sun Assistant Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building318K Phone:757-327-6338 Read Bio »