School of Nursing Directory

Dr. Shevellanie E. Lott Dr. Shevellanie E. Lott Dean Location:William Freeman Hall110 Phone:757-727-5654 Expertise:Intensive Care Nursing, PACU Nursing, Nursing Student Retention Read Bio »
Ms. Donna Marie Pendergraft Ms. Donna Marie Pendergraft Undergraduate Chair, Main campus, Asst. Professor Location:William Freeman Hall112 Phone:757-727-5527 Expertise:Critical Care Nursing, High Fidelity Simulation, Healthcare technology (electronic medical records), integrating technology into the classroom Read Bio »
Dr. Sherri Saunders-Golds Dr. Sherri Saunders-Golds Interim Graduate Chair, Assistant Professor Location:William Freeman Hall127-F Phone:757-727-5181 Read Bio »
Mrs. Robin DeAnna Ward Mrs. Robin DeAnna Ward Interim Undergraduate Chair, College of Virginia Beach, Asst. Professor Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus1010-D Phone:757-637-2418 Expertise:Medical Surgical Nursing and Pediatrics
Dr. Hilda M Williamson Dr. Hilda M Williamson Assistant Dean, Associate Professor Location:William Freeman Hall110 Phone:757-727-5654 Expertise:Nursing Read Bio »
Mrs. Karan C. Wright Mrs. Karan C. Wright Director, Office of Student Academic Support Services Location:William Freeman Hall125 Phone:757-637-2816 Expertise:Education, Career Education Read Bio »
Mrs. Zai D Asimakopoulos Mrs. Zai D Asimakopoulos Secretary to the Department of Graduate Nursing Education Location:William Freeman Hall127 Phone:757-727-5672 Expertise:ADMINISTRATIVE/SECRETARIAL
Mrs. Norma Bergey Mrs. Norma Bergey Assistant Professor, Clinical Laboratory Coordinator, College of Virginia Beach Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus139 South Tower Phone:757-637-2448 Expertise:Simulation, School Nursing, Advocacy Read Bio »
Mrs. Georgiana Bougher Mrs. Georgiana Bougher NCLEX Retention Coach / Testing Coordinator Location:William Freeman Hall218 Phone:757-727-5353 Expertise:Critical Care, Medical-Surgical Nursing
Ms. Terri B. Brown Ms. Terri B. Brown Academic Advisor / Enrollment Manager Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus1010-H Phone:757-637-2415 Expertise:Organizational Leadership Read Bio »
Dr. Dorothy Burns Dr. Dorothy Burns Associate Professor Location:--- Online ---127 Phone:757-727-5672
Dr. Bertha Lane Davis Dr. Bertha Lane Davis Professor Location:William Freeman Hall127-K Phone:757-727-5672 Expertise:Nursing Education Read Bio »
Ms. Sheila Coppedge Gaffney Ms. Sheila Coppedge Gaffney Administrative Assistant/Secretary Location:William Freeman Hall127-J Phone:757-637-2368
Ms. Twanda Toliver Gainer Ms. Twanda Toliver Gainer Assistant Professor, HU-VETS Nurse Recruiter-Counselor Location:William Freeman Hall200-H Phone: Expertise:Nursing Education, Medical -Surgical Nursing Read Bio »
Ms. Rosalyn Vinetta Gardiner Ms. Rosalyn Vinetta Gardiner Assistant Professor Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus1010-C Phone:757-637-2420 Expertise:OB/GYN Nursing Read Bio »
Dr. Trina Lorraine Gipson-Jones Dr. Trina Lorraine Gipson-Jones Assistant Professor Location:William Freeman Hall127-E Phone:757-637-2367 Expertise:Work-Family Conflict, Health Disparities, Public/Community Health, Theory and Conceptual Frameworks, & Research Methodology Read Bio »
Ms. Tanya Hardymenard Ms. Tanya Hardymenard Assistant Professor Location:William Freeman Hall120 Phone:757-728-6543 Expertise:Family Nurse Psychotherapist, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Mrs. Tinnikkar Angel Jones Mrs. Tinnikkar Angel Jones Nursing Instructor Location:William Freeman Hall100-118 Phone:757-727-5271 Expertise:Health Disparities, Health Promotion, Med/Surg and Cardiovascular Health Read Bio »
Ms. Darlene Keeton Ms. Darlene Keeton Academic Counselor Assistant / Clinical Assistant Location:William Freeman Hall125 Phone:757-637-2577
Dr. Davenna Mcglone Dr. Davenna Mcglone Adjunct Location:William Freeman Hall123 Phone:7578701899 Expertise:Nursing, Primary Care, Urgent care
Dr. Arlene J. Montgomery Dr. Arlene J. Montgomery Professor Location:William Freeman Hall127-D Phone:757-727-5672 Expertise:Nursing Read Bio »
Mr. Mauyan M Skeete Mr. Mauyan M Skeete Systems Administrator Location:William Freeman Hall202 Phone:757-727-5852 Expertise:IT, Audio-Visual Read Bio »
Ms. Angela Reynolds Sledge Ms. Angela Reynolds Sledge Assistant Professor Location:William Freeman Hall115 Phone:757-727-5673 Expertise:Pediatrics, Maternal-Child
Mrs. Stacey C. Turner Mrs. Stacey C. Turner Financial Secretary Location:William Freeman Hall110 Phone:757-727-5654
Mrs. Terry Wright Mrs. Terry Wright Assistant Professor Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus1010-E Phone:757-637-2416 Expertise:Community Health/ Leadership Nursing Read Bio »