Health, Physical Education and Recreation Directory

Ms. Jamean A. Alexander Ms. Jamean A. Alexander Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall161 Phone:757-727-5642 Expertise:Health Education, Physical Fitness, Medical Terminology, Careers in Health, Physical Education, Sport Mgmt, Kinesiology, Recretion Read Bio »
Ms. Jamean Alexander Ms. Jamean Alexander Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall161 Phone:757-727-5642 Expertise:Health Education and Promotion
Ms. Kimberly Blackwell Ms. Kimberly Blackwell Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall131 Phone:757-727-5706 Expertise:health & physical education, athletic training, service learning Read Bio »
Mr. Cornelius Chambliss Mr. Cornelius Chambliss Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall Phone:757-727-5208
Dr. Ralph Charlton Dr. Ralph Charlton Chair - Associate Professor Location:Holland Hall152 Phone:757-727-6956 Expertise:Sport Marketing, Sport Management, Higher Education Administration, Social Marketing Read Bio »
Mrs. Beverly Duane Mrs. Beverly Duane Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall120 Phone:757-727-5317 Expertise:Choreography, Modern Dance, Writing, Conditioning for Dancers and Athletes, Health and Wellness, Nutrition Read Bio »
Mr. David Hughes Mr. David Hughes Instructor – Sport Management Location:Holland HallRoom 150 Phone:757-727–5174 Read Bio »
Dr. David Hunter Dr. David Hunter Associate Professor Location:Holland Hall151A Phone:757-727-5305 Read Bio »
Mrs. Barbara L. Jenkins Mrs. Barbara L. Jenkins Secretary Location:Holland Hall134 Phone:757-727-5208
Dr. Joetta Jensen Dr. Joetta Jensen Assistant Professor and Director of Aquatics Location:Holland Hall170 Phone:757-727-5725 Expertise:Aquatics Read Bio »
Mrs. Crystal Neal Parker Mrs. Crystal Neal Parker Creative Director of Terpsichorean Dance Company Location:Holland Hall120 Phone:757-598-1673 Expertise:Dance & Choreography Read Bio »
Dr. William Timothy Orr Dr. William Timothy Orr Assistant Professor- Sport Management Location:Holland HallRoom 199 Phone:757-637-2278 Expertise:Sport Management, Intercollegiate Athletic Administration, Student-Athlete academic well-being Read Bio »
Mrs. Cantrese Pace-Pierce Mrs. Cantrese Pace-Pierce Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall134 Phone:
Mrs. Stacey Privett Mrs. Stacey Privett Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall135 Phone:757-728-6955 Expertise:Exercise Physiology Read Bio »