School of Liberal Arts and Education Directory

Dr. Linda Malone-Colon Dr. Linda Malone-Colon Dean Location:Armstrong Hall Phone:757-727-5301
Ms. Kamauria Brittana Acree Ms. Kamauria Brittana Acree Project Administrative Coordinator Location:Phenix Hall305 Phone:757-728-6793
Dr. Clair Berube Dr. Clair Berube Associate Professor Location:Phenix Hall304 Phone:757-637-2163 Expertise:urban education, science education
Dr. Saundra Nelson Cherry Dr. Saundra Nelson Cherry Assistant Professor Location:Willie O. Lawton225 Phone:757-727-5162 Expertise:Pastoral counseling, Grief and Bereavement Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Disaster Preparedness, Community Service Read Bio »
Ms. Tina M. Crocker Ms. Tina M. Crocker Administrative Assistant, Office of the Assisant Dean Location:Armstrong Hall117 Phone:757-727-5401
Ms. Rose Davis Ms. Rose Davis Location:Armstrong Hall123 Phone:
Mr. Novelle Dickenson Mr. Novelle Dickenson Assistant Dean Location:Armstrong Hall117 Phone:757-727-5958 Expertise:Political Science and History
Mrs. China Dillon Mrs. China Dillon Writing Tutor Location:Phenix Hall302 Phone:757-637-6735
Mrs. Charlene Flood-Liggon Mrs. Charlene Flood-Liggon Secretary Location:Armstrong Hall117 Phone:
Mrs. China Gatesdillon Mrs. China Gatesdillon Writing Specialist/Tutor for Student Success Center Location:Phenix Hall302 Phone:757-728-6735
Mrs. Valerie Hamilton Mrs. Valerie Hamilton Mathematics Tutor Location:Phenix Hall302 Phone:757-637-6735
Ms. Phyllis Harrigan Ms. Phyllis Harrigan Secretary Location:Phenix Hall304 Phone:757-727-5793
Dr. Gertrude Henry Dr. Gertrude Henry Location:Phenix Hall304 Phone: Expertise:Elem.Ed, Special Ed, Cultural Diversity, & Teacher education
Mr. George Andrew Inana Mr. George Andrew Inana Assistant Professor of Military Science Location:Armstrong-Slater2nd Floor, Room G Phone:Cell: 251-591-9506
Dr. Martha Jallim-Hall Dr. Martha Jallim-Hall Chairperson Location:Phenix Hall304 Phone:757-727-5793
Dr. Stephanie Johnson Dr. Stephanie Johnson Assistant Professor; Coordinator for MA and Education Leadership/HULA Location:College of Virginia Beach Campus1 Phone:757-637-2412
Dr. Leona M. Johnson Dr. Leona M. Johnson Assistant to the Dean Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall242 Phone:757.727.5370
Mrs. Angelique Marcus Mrs. Angelique Marcus Project Coordinator Location:Armstrong HallRoom 123 Phone:757-728-6065
Mrs. Margaret Dismond Martin Mrs. Margaret Dismond Martin Assistant Dean Location:Armstrong Hall300 Phone:757-727-5406 Expertise:Composition and Editing
Dr. Marquis Norton Dr. Marquis Norton Professor Location:Phenix Hall207A Phone:757-728-6185
Mr. Marcus Lebert Nurse Mr. Marcus Lebert Nurse Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean Location:Armstrong Hall117 Phone:757-727-5401 Expertise:Administration Read Bio »
Mrs. Peggy Peebles Mrs. Peggy Peebles Assistant Professor; Coordinator of Clinical Experiences & PK-12 Outreach Location:Phenix Hall303 Phone:757-727-5707 Expertise:Supervision and Administration PK12, Health, Physical Education, Special Education Read Bio »
Mrs. Joy Phelps Mrs. Joy Phelps Child Development Center Director Location:Eva C. Mitchell Hall202 Phone:727-5698
Ms. Marian Ramsey Ms. Marian Ramsey Reading Tutor Location:Phenix Hall302 Phone:757-728-6735
Mrs. Lynn T. Sawyer Mrs. Lynn T. Sawyer Professor Location:Phenix Hall209 Phone:757-727-5793 Expertise:American Sign Language
Dr. Wayne Smith Dr. Wayne Smith Assistant Professor Location:Phenix Hall304 Phone:727-5538
Mrs. Claudette L. Solomon Mrs. Claudette L. Solomon Secretary Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall238 Phone:757-727-5301
Mr. Ronald White Mr. Ronald White Director of the Center for Education Advising and Assessment Location:Phenix Hall302 Phone:7577286589 Expertise:Math Education
Dr. Tomeka Wilcher Dr. Tomeka Wilcher Assistant Professor Location:Phenix Hall304 Phone:757-727-5646
Ms. Jacquelyn Wilson Ms. Jacquelyn Wilson Secretary Location:Armstrong Hall119 Phone:757-727-5400