Physics Directory

Dr. Alberto Accardi Dr. Alberto Accardi Assistant Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building102B Phone:757-727-5464 Expertise:Nuclar and Particle Physics Read Bio »
Dr. M. Eric Christy Dr. M. Eric Christy Associate Professor Location:W. Frank Fountain Building108 Phone:757-727-5336 Expertise:Experimental nuclear and particle physics Read Bio »
Dr. Jose Goity Dr. Jose Goity Interim Chair Location:Olin Engineering BuildingOlin 102 Phone:757-727-5277 Read Bio »
Dr. Uwe Hommerich Dr. Uwe Hommerich Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building102D Phone:757-727-5829 Read Bio »
Dr. Michael Kohl Dr. Michael Kohl Associate Professor Location:Biomedical Center106 Phone:757-727-5153 Expertise:Experimental Nuclear Physics Read Bio »
Ms. H. Anusha Pushpakumari Liyanage Ms. H. Anusha Pushpakumari Liyanage Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Assistant Location:Olin Engineering Building102 Phone:
Dr. Donald R. Lyons Dr. Donald R. Lyons University Endowed Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building102 Phone:757-727-5277 Read Bio »
Dr. Felix Jaetae Seo Dr. Felix Jaetae Seo Professor Location:Graduate Physics Research Center100 Phone:757-727-5900 Expertise:Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics Read Bio »
Dr. Bagher Tabibi Dr. Bagher Tabibi Research Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building102 G Phone:757-728-6909 Read Bio »
Dr. Liguang Tang Dr. Liguang Tang Professor Location:Olin Engineering Building102 Phone:757-269-6255 Read Bio »