Mathematics Directory

Dr. Arun K. Verma Dr. Arun K. Verma Professor and Chair Location:Science and Technology, 318 Phone:757-728-6983 Expertise:Perturbation Techniques, modeling and numerical simulation, and educational technology Read Bio »
Dr. Halima N. Ali Dr. Halima N. Ali Professor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 111-B Phone:757-728-6982 Expertise:Applied Mathematics, Nonlinear Dynamical Theory, Magnetic Fusion, Divertor Physics Read Bio »
Dr. Francis Erebholo Dr. Francis Erebholo Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Program Location:Science and Technology, 246 Phone:757-727-5550 Expertise:Statistical analysis with missing data using the model of disposition, mathematics education and Numerical analysis Read Bio »
Mr. Graham Fogelgren Mr. Graham Fogelgren Secretary Location:Science and Technology, 318 Phone:757-727-5352
Dr. Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew Dr. Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew Assistant Professor Location:Science and Technology, ST334 Phone:757-727-5842 Expertise:Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Differential Equations Read Bio »
Dr. Huihui Lin Dr. Huihui Lin Assistant Professor Location:Science and Technology, 314E Phone:757-727-5549 Expertise:Copula model for longitudinal discrete data, Statistical modeling and analysis. Read Bio »
Dr. Ridha Moussa Dr. Ridha Moussa Assistant Professor Location:Science and Technology, ST 314 C Phone:757-728-6840 Expertise:Mathematics Read Bio »
Dr. Alkesh R. Punjabi Dr. Alkesh R. Punjabi Professor and Director of Center for Fusion Research Location:Armstrong-Slater, 111 A Phone:757-727-5343 Expertise:Controlled thermonuclear fusion, nonlinear dynamics Read Bio »
Dr. Nar Rawal Dr. Nar Rawal Assistant Professor Location:Science and Technology, 332 Phone:757-727-5375 Expertise:Time Periodic Nonlocal Dispersal Operators and Applications Read Bio »
Ms. Gabrielle Smith Ms. Gabrielle Smith Instructor Location:Science and Technology, 330 Phone:757-727-5364 Expertise:Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Data Science, Interdisciplinary Research Read Bio »