Marine and Environmental Science Directory

Dr. Deidre M. Gibson Dr. Deidre M. Gibson Associate Professor, and Chair Location:Marine Science, 103 Phone:757-727-5883 Expertise:Biological Oceanography Read Bio »
Mrs. Jevonal Renee Cooper Mrs. Jevonal Renee Cooper Secretary Location:Marine Science, 102 Phone:757-727-5783 Expertise:Administrative Assistant Read Bio »
Dr. Benjamin E. Cuker Dr. Benjamin E. Cuker Emeritus Professor Location:Marine Science, 132 Phone:757-727-5884 Expertise:Marine Science, Environmental Science, Aquaitc Ecology Read Bio »
Dr. Andrij Horodysky Dr. Andrij Horodysky Associate Professor Location:Marine Science, 135 Phone:757-728-6655 Read Bio »
Dr. Carolina Bonin Lewallen Dr. Carolina Bonin Lewallen Assistant Professor Location:Marine Science, 113 Phone:757-727-6044 Expertise:Population Genetics, Marine Mammal Ecology, Bioinformatics Read Bio »
Dr. Cara C Schweitzer Dr. Cara C Schweitzer Postdoctoral Research Fellow Location:Marine Science, 122 Phone:757-727-5912 Expertise:Marine ecology and neuro-ethology Read Bio »