Chemistry and Biochemistry Directory

Dr. Oluwatoyin Ajibola Asojo Dr. Oluwatoyin Ajibola Asojo Chair Location:Turner Hall, 223 Phone: Expertise:Biochemistry, drug discovery, Biophysics, education, vaccines Read Bio »
Dr. Kesete Ghebreyessus Dr. Kesete Ghebreyessus Associate Professor Location:Turner Hall, 227 Phone:757-727-5475 Read Bio »
Dr. Insu Hahn Dr. Insu Hahn Associate Professor Location:Turner Hall, room 327 Phone:757-727-5330 Read Bio »
Mrs. Delise R. Jones Mrs. Delise R. Jones Administrative Assistant Location:Turner Hall, 220 Phone:757-727-5396
Mr. Myles Jones Mr. Myles Jones Lab Manager Location:Turner Hall, 207 Phone:757-728-5718 Expertise:Biology, Biochemistry, and Immunology Read Bio »
Dr. Edmund Moses Ndip Dr. Edmund Moses Ndip Associate Professor Location:Turner Hall, 317 Phone:17577275396 Expertise:Physical Chemistry, Computational Materials Science, Molecular Spectroscopy, Computer Assisted Instruction Read Bio »
Dr. Peter N. Njoki Dr. Peter N. Njoki Associate Professor Location:Turner Hall, 227 Phone:757.727.5833 Expertise:Nanoscience Read Bio »
Dr. Godson C. Nwokogu Dr. Godson C. Nwokogu Professor Location:Turner Hall, 232 Phone:757-727-5276 Expertise:Chemistry, organic, synthesis design Read Bio »
Dr. Vincent de Paul Nzuwah Nziko Dr. Vincent de Paul Nzuwah Nziko Assistant Professor Location:Turner Hall, 325B Phone:757-727-5837 Read Bio »
Dr. Isai T Urasa Dr. Isai T Urasa Professor Location:Turner Hall, 220 Phone:757-727-5398 Read Bio »
Dr. Michelle Kimberly Waddell Dr. Michelle Kimberly Waddell Assistant Professor Location:Turner Hall, 325 Phone:757-637-2164 Read Bio »
Dr. Dawanna Shar-Day White Dr. Dawanna Shar-Day White Assistant Professor Location:Turner Hall, 328 Phone:757-727-5249 Expertise:Chemistry, Small molecule synthesis