Political Science and History Directory

Dr. Maureen G. Elgersman Lee Dr. Maureen G. Elgersman Lee Associate Professor/Chair Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall249A Phone:757-728-6853 Expertise:Black women's history; Black community history; Blacks in Canada; slavery in US, Canada, and British Caribbean Read Bio »
Dr. Joy Diana Hendrickson Dr. Joy Diana Hendrickson Associate Professor Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall206 Phone:757 727 5619 Expertise:Political Philosophy, Feminist Political Theory, African Political Theory, Postcolonial Theory Read Bio »
Ms. Lessie Hollomond Ms. Lessie Hollomond Secretary Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall249 Phone:757-727-5749
Dr. Mamie E. Locke Dr. Mamie E. Locke Location:Armstrong Hall119 Phone:757-727-5400
Dr. Natalie Robertson Dr. Natalie Robertson Associate Professor Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall248 Phone: Expertise:Transatlantic slave trade; the process of enslavement; slave trade protocol; the commodification of the black body Read Bio »
Mr. Robert Watson Mr. Robert Watson Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Dean of Liberal Arts Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall244 Phone:757-727-5539 Expertise:African American History, Caribbean History, Reconstruction, West African History