SLAE - Military Science Directory

Mr. Ronald E. Cross Mr. Ronald E. Cross Human Resources Administrator Location:Armstrong-Slater212E Phone:757-728-6947
Mr. Matthew Green Mr. Matthew Green Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong-Slater210G Phone:757-728-6911 Expertise:Military Education
Mr. Jae Marquis Mr. Jae Marquis Professor of Military Science Location:Armstrong-Slater200 Phone:757-727-5839
Mr. John Robert Mcdonald II. Mr. John Robert Mcdonald II. Enrollment and Scholarship Officer Location:Armstrong-Slater212 Phone:757-728-6928
Mr. Trevor Polk Mr. Trevor Polk Instructor Location:Armstrong-Slater212H Phone:757-728-6848
Mrs. Odessa Woodhouse Mrs. Odessa Woodhouse Supply Technician Location:Armstrong-Slater201 Phone:757-728-6948