SLAE - Music Directory

Dr. Shelia J. Maye Dr. Shelia J. Maye Chairperson Location:Armstrong Hall137 Phone:757-728-6805 Expertise:Vocal Music (Adjudicator, concerts, guest performer, etc. and consultant in Higher Education Management Read Bio »
Mr. Jerry Alexander Bracey Mr. Jerry Alexander Bracey Assistant Professor/Jazz Ensemble & Chamber Orchestra Director Location:Armstrong Hall141A Phone:757-728-6604 Expertise:Conductor, Educator, Musician and Mentor Read Bio »
Mr. William Brown Mr. William Brown Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall246 Phone:757-728-6571
Mr. Clifford Cox II. Mr. Clifford Cox II. Assistant Professor Location:Convocation CenterConcourse C Upper Level Phone:757-728-6875 Expertise:Instrumental Music with an emphasis on Brass
Dr. Jaryn Crosby Dr. Jaryn Crosby Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall138 Phone:757-727-5146 Expertise:Music Education, Piano Read Bio »
Mr. Omar Dickenson Mr. Omar Dickenson Director of University Choirs, Assistant Professor Location:Clarke Hall6 Phone:757-727-5603 Expertise:Choir, Conducting, Sacred Music, Keyboard Accompaniment
Mr. John Robert Fulton III. Mr. John Robert Fulton III. Assistant Professor of Voice Location:Armstrong Hall244 Phone:757-727-5413 Expertise:Opera, Acting, Voice Read Bio »
Mr. Benjamin Francis Garner Mr. Benjamin Francis Garner University Organist and Instructor of Piano and Organ Location:Armstrong Hall265 Phone:757-727-5702 Expertise:Piano, Organ, Recording Technology, Accompanying, Collaboration Read Bio »
Mr. Alexander T. Hamilton II. Mr. Alexander T. Hamilton II. Assistant Band Director / Percussion Instructor Location:Convocation CenterPercussion Studio Phone:757-728-6869 Expertise:Music, Percussion
Dr. Thomas L. Jones Jr. Dr. Thomas L. Jones Jr. Director of University Bands Location:Convocation CenterEntrance C, 2nd Floor Phone:757-728-6876
Mrs. Cynthia Jones Mrs. Cynthia Jones Instructor Location:Armstrong Hall215, Stuido Phone:757-728-6571
Mr. Andrew Pfeiffer Mr. Andrew Pfeiffer Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall214B Phone:757-727-5718
Mr. Lamar Prater Mr. Lamar Prater Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall261 Phone:757-727-5361
Dr. Eric Wade Reiff Dr. Eric Wade Reiff Music Librarian / Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall266, Music Library Room Phone:757-727-5411 Expertise:Music Librarian, Conducting, Violin Read Bio »
Dr. Harvey J. Stokes Dr. Harvey J. Stokes Professor Location:Armstrong Hall267, Computer Music Lab Phone:757-727-5410 Read Bio »
Mr. Gary Talley Mr. Gary Talley Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall245, Studio Phone:757-728-6571
Mr. Robin Welch Mr. Robin Welch Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall263 Phone:757-727-5414
Ms. Lenora Wesley Ms. Lenora Wesley Adjunct Faculty Location:Armstrong Hall262 Phone:757-727-5414 Expertise:Voice, Music Theatre, Opera Theatre, Music History
Mr. Robert Wright Mr. Robert Wright Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall151 Phone:757-727-5658 Expertise:Music; Audio Engineering