SLAE - Music Directory

Dr. Demarr Woods Dr. Demarr Woods Department Chair Location:Armstrong Hall, 137 Phone:7577286509 Expertise:Music Performance-Trumpet Read Bio »
Mr. Kwabena A. Ampofo-Anti Mr. Kwabena A. Ampofo-Anti Professor Location:Bemis Lab, 111 Phone: Expertise:ceramics, painting,drawing, art appreciation,humanities
Dr. Jacqueline M. Bontemps Dr. Jacqueline M. Bontemps Associate Professor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 203B Phone:757-727-5821 Expertise:Research, Visual Arts, and Graphic Design Read Bio »
Mr. Jerry Alexander Bracey Mr. Jerry Alexander Bracey Assistant Professor/Jazz Ensemble & Chamber Orchestra Director Location:Armstrong Hall, 141A Phone:757-728-6604 Expertise:Conductor, Educator, Musician and Mentor Read Bio »
Mr. Clifford Cox II. Mr. Clifford Cox II. Assistant Professor Location:Convocation Center, Concourse C Upper Level Phone:757-728-6875 Expertise:Instrumental Music with an emphasis on Brass
Dr. Jaryn Crosby Dr. Jaryn Crosby Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall, 138 Phone:757-727-5146 Expertise:Music Education, Piano Read Bio »
Mr. Omar Dickenson Mr. Omar Dickenson Director of University Choirs, Assistant Professor Location:Clarke Hall, 6 Phone:757-727-5603 Expertise:Choir, Conducting, Sacred Music, Keyboard Accompaniment
Mr. John Robert Fulton III. Mr. John Robert Fulton III. Assistant Professor of Voice Location:Armstrong Hall, 244 Phone:757-727-5413 Expertise:Opera, Acting, Voice Read Bio »
Mr. Benjamin Francis Garner Mr. Benjamin Francis Garner University Organist and Instructor of Piano and Organ Location:Armstrong Hall, 265 Phone:757-727-5702 Expertise:Piano, Organ, Recording Technology, Accompanying, Collaboration Read Bio »
Mrs. Iris Goode-Middleton Mrs. Iris Goode-Middleton Assistant Professor of Theatre Location:Armstrong-Slater, 203-G Phone:757-637-2343 Expertise:Theatre, Choreography, Communication, Social Media Read Bio »
Mr. Alexander Hamilton II. Mr. Alexander Hamilton II. Assistant Director of Bands / Applied Percussion Instructor Location:Convocation Center, Percussion Studio Phone:757-728-6869 Expertise:Music, Percussion Read Bio »
Dr. Thomas L. Jones Jr. Dr. Thomas L. Jones Jr. Director of University Bands Location:Convocation Center, Entrance C, 2nd Floor Phone:757-728-6876 Expertise:Music, Education, Leadership, Physical Fitness, Military Read Bio »
Mr. Christopher Daniel Kozak Mr. Christopher Daniel Kozak Professor Location:Armstrong-Slater, 102 Phone:757-728-6813 Expertise:Fine Art, Painting, Graphic Design, Comic Book Art, Art History Read Bio »
Dr. Shelia J. Maye Dr. Shelia J. Maye Location:Armstrong Hall, 137 Phone:757-728-6805 Expertise:Vocal Music (Adjudicator, concerts, guest performer, etc. and consultant in Higher Education Management Read Bio »
Dr. Curtis Perry Otto Dr. Curtis Perry Otto Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall, 102 Phone:757-728-4834 Expertise:Technical Theatre, Scenic and Lighting Design, Rhetoric, Communication Studies Read Bio »
Ms. Kelsey Gray Reisinger Ms. Kelsey Gray Reisinger Secretary Location:Armstrong-Slater, 203 Phone:757-727-6508
Dr. Harvey J. Stokes Dr. Harvey J. Stokes Professor of Music Location:Armstrong Hall, Computer Music Laboratory/267 Phone:757-727-5410 Read Bio »
Dr. Karen Ward Dr. Karen Ward Chair Location:Armstrong Hall, 144 Phone:757-727-5402 Expertise:Theatre, Criticism, Public Address, Directing, Scriptwriting, Songwriter, producer, events coordinator Read Bio »
Mr. Robert Wright Mr. Robert Wright Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall, 151 Phone:757-727-5658 Expertise:Music; Audio Engineering