English and Foreign Languages Directory

Dr. Laurie Jean Cannady Dr. Laurie Jean Cannady Mellon Foundation Endowed Chair Location:Armstrong Hall217 Phone:757-727-5890 Expertise:Southern Literature, Military and War Literature, Women Writers, Creative Writing, Memoir, Writers of Color Read Bio »
Dr. Amee Carmines Dr. Amee Carmines Associate Professor Location:Armstrong Hall234 Phone:757-727-5415 Expertise:literary theory, world literature, poetry Read Bio »
Dr. Elizabeth Cuddy Dr. Elizabeth Cuddy Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall322 Phone:757-728-6733 Expertise:British literature, Composition Read Bio »
Dr. Jacques L. Digbeu Dr. Jacques L. Digbeu Assistant Professor Location:Harvey Library5th Floor Phone:757-637-2897 Read Bio »
Ms. Eleanor Earl Ms. Eleanor Earl Assistant Professor and Executive Producer/Director Location:Armstrong Hall238A Phone:757-727-5506 Expertise:English, Media, Communication, Film, Television Read Bio »
Dr. Rafael Gonzalez-Macho Dr. Rafael Gonzalez-Macho Location:Armstrong Hall307 Phone:757-728-6584 Expertise:LINGUISTICS, SPANISH, MEDIEVAL LATIN, STYLISTICS Read Bio »
Dr. Joyce M Jarrett Dr. Joyce M Jarrett Professor Location:Armstrong Hall123 Phone:757-728-6280 Expertise:Literary Studies, Rhetoric & Composition Read Bio »
Dr. Karima K. Jeffrey Dr. Karima K. Jeffrey Associate Professor Location:Armstrong Hall217 Phone:757-727-5421 Expertise:African-American Literature, Multi-Ethnic American Literature, Caribbean Literature, Postcolonial Studies Read Bio »
Dr. Mabel Deane Khawaja Dr. Mabel Deane Khawaja Associate Professor of English Location:Harvey Library407 Phone: Expertise:Expertise: American Literature, Evolution of the English Novel, Storytelling and Modern/ Postmodern poetry, drama, and fiction. Read Bio »
Ms. Darlisha Moore Ms. Darlisha Moore Secretary Location:Armstrong Hall217 Phone:757-727-5421 Read Bio »
Ms. Dionne Redding Ms. Dionne Redding Adjunct Location:Armstrong Hall217 Phone: Expertise:Rhetoric and Composition, American Literature Read Bio »
Dr. Randolph Walker Jr. Dr. Randolph Walker Jr. Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall238-B Phone:757-727-5943 Expertise:Creative Writing, Law & Literature, Composition Read Bio »
Dr. Craig Wynne Dr. Craig Wynne Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall237 Phone:757-728-6089 Expertise:Rhetoric and Composition Read Bio »