Dr. William B. Moore Dr. William B. Moore Associate Professor Location:Center for Planetary and Atmospheric Science, 214 Phone:757-728-6240 Expertise:Planetary Science, Space Science, Geology, Geophysics, Astronomy, Earth Systems, Natural Disasters
Dr. Moore is a planetary scientist who seeks to understand the planetary processes that lead to the wide variety of surfaces, atmospheres, and environments we observe in the Solar system. His expertise is centered in the chemistry and physics of solid planetary interiors, and includes orbital, rotational, tidal, geological, geochemical, and thermal evolution over billions of years. He has been involved in several planetary missions including investigations of Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, asteroids Vesta and Ceres, and the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. At Hampton University, he teaches courses in basic astronomy and planetary science, the physics of natural disasters, and graduate level planetary and space physics.