Mrs. Stacey Privett Mrs. Stacey Privett Assistant Professor Location:Holland Hall135 Phone:757-728-6955 Expertise:Exercise Physiology

Stacey Privett is an assistant professor of Kinesiology for the Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation.  Professor Privett holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s degree in Human Movement Sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University.  As a graduate assistant, Mrs. Privett worked for the T.E.E.N.S. program, a comprehensive weight management program for obese adolescents in Richmond, VA, where she conducted exercise testing to assess maximal oxygen consumption and anthropometric testing to assess body composition on program participants. 

Professor Privett’s research interests include the impact of obesity and physical inactivity on health disparities in adolescents and young adults.  Additional research interests include the relationship between nutrition and sport performance in female athletes.  

Professor Privett currently teaches Foundations in Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Sport Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Exercise Testing and Prescription.  Professor Privett also serves as the faculty advisor to the Kinesiology Club.

Professor Privett is passionate about teaching and mentoring the student as a whole person.  Her deep desire is that her students be prepared for life beyond the classroom, both personally and professionally.  Professor Privett is an avid weightlifter and enjoys hiking, kayaking and spending time with her husband and two kids. 

Expertise: Exercise Physiology, Exercise Testing, Nutrition, and Weight Management