Dr. Nicholas G. Heavens Dr. Nicholas G. Heavens Research Assistant Professor Location:Center for Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences215 (21 E. Tyler) Phone:757-637-3118 Expertise:Planetary Science; Paleoclimatology
I study the past and present weather and climate of planetary bodies in our Solar System, including the Earth. My main focus has been on clouds and aerosols: the processes by which they form and cycle; their effects on dynamical processes in the atmosphere; the hazards they present for life, property, and exploration; and the impacts they have on the geological record. I have significant experience analyzing remote sensing measurements as well as operating full-complexity global climate models of the Earth and Mars. In the past two years, I have been exploring the role of dust in the climate of the Earth's late Paleozoic Era. At Hampton, I will be modeling the atmospheric dynamics near the poles of Jupiter and Saturn while pursuing funding opportunities to continue research in my areas of expertise.