Dr. Nar Rawal Dr. Nar Rawal Assistant Professor Location:Science and Technology314 Phone:757-728-6532 Expertise:Time Periodic Nonlocal Dispersal Operators and Applications

Dr. Nar Rawal Completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2014 from Auburn University ( USA), M.Phil. in Mathematics in 2005 from Kathmandu University ( Nepal), and M.Sc. in Mathematics in 1997 from Tribhuvan University ( Nepal). He joined Hampton University as an Assistant Professor in the HU-FITWP ( Hampton University- First in the World Partnership) project in the Department of Mathematics  in the Spring, 2015. His area of reserach includes "Specral Theory of Time Periodic Nonlocal Dispersal Operators and Aplications", "Evolution Equations with Nonlcal Dispersal". He has several publications some of which are published in highly reputed journal such as JDDE ( Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations) and DCDS-A ( Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems- Series A).