Dr. Moushumi Roy Dr. Moushumi Roy Assistant Professor Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall, MLK 248 Phone:757-727-5647 Expertise:Sociology- Medical Sociology

Dr. Moushumi Roy received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University and her Master in Sociology from Iowa State University. Her research interests lie at the intersection of structural inequality, social condition, and population health in the US and India. Roy’s primary area of research focuses on how social forces and processes influence health outcomes among minority populations in the US and India. Roy's research examines the effects of assimilation and discrimination on self-assessed health outcomes among immigrants of Asian origin in the US. Another line of her research investigates how social structures and systems influence the experiences of different groups of people –i.e., immigrants, migrants, race/caste, ethnicity, gender, older people – to produce inequality (e.g., advantaged, disadvantaged, and ultra-disadvantaged) in health outcomes. Dr. Roy teaches Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Research, Advanced Social Research, Social Problems, and Modern Social Theory.