Dr. Michael Dibari Jr. Dr. Michael Dibari Jr. Scripps Howard Endowed Professor Location:Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications116 Phone:757-637-2019 Expertise:Photography; Photojournalism; Graphic Design:

Scripps Howard Endowed Professor Dr. Michael DiBari is a long-time photojournalist with years of experience and education. As a freelance photographer, he has taken pictures for publications such as The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chapel Hill News, The Osceola News Gazette and The Albuquerque Journal.

Dr. DiBari holds a Master’s degree in Visual Communications and a Ph.D. in Journalism from Ohio University’s Scripps School of Communication. Following his formal education, he and his wife traveled Europe for nine months photographing and volunteering.

Dr. DiBari currently teaches Visual Media and Photojournalism; and has begun a photography forum to encourage budding photographers.