Dr. Melissa Gomes Dr. Melissa Gomes Interim Graduate Chairperson Location:William Freeman Hall, Graduate Hall Rm C Phone: Expertise:mental health

Melissa M. Gomes, Ph.D., R.N., FNAP, is an Associate Professor at Hampton University School of Nursing.

A dedicated clinician and researcher, she has been able to offer her progressive track record of empowerment strategies that have been useful in promoting compliance to mental health treatment. Notably, her research and clinical work have focused on at-risk youth disproportionally affected by negative environmental factors (i.e., high ACE scores, frequent school suspensions, living in high risk environments). Recognizing the impact mental health has on youth developmental outcomes, she utilized her research training and clinical experience to provide the strategic vision to found The Ethos Leadership Project (Ethos), LLC, a community-based mental health organization. Ethos is on the forefront of translational practice through the development of a crisis stabilization program for youth in active crisis. She also founded Transitions Empowerment Associates; a nurse owned and operated outpatient mental health practice serving a wide patient population with mental health needs. She is a graduate of Howard University, University of Pennsylvania, Hampton University and University of Virginia Schools of Nursing.