Dr. Lori Shipley Dr. Lori Shipley Assistant Professor Location:Armstrong Hall150 Phone:757-637-2049 Expertise:Flute, Music History, Humanities, Arts Administration, Holocaust Music

Dr. Lori Shipley received her undergraduate degree in music from Penn State, her masters degree in humanities and music from Cal State, and her doctoral degree in music education from Boston University. She also hold certificates in arts administration from UMass and in distance education from the State University of West Georgia. She is currently working on a graduate degree in Holocaust Studies to enhance her research in music from the Holocaust.

Dr. Shipley, flutist, is an active performer and conductor. She has performed with the Williamsburg Symphonia, Virginia Symphony, Prelude Woodwind Quintet, Williamsburg Chamber Players, and various other chamber groups incluing harp and classical guitar. She is currently presenting a series of concerts, "Music from the Ashes," based on her research into music from the Holocaust.

Dr. Shipley is also conductor or the Hampton University Flute Choir and the Hampton Roads Flute Choir. These groups have performed under her direction at the National Flute Convention in Washington, DC, the Hampton Roads Flute Faire held at CNU and ODU, and the Richmond Flute Fair held at VCU.

Dr. Shipley has been published in the Journal of Historical Research in Music Education, has arranged works for flute choir, flute and piano, and has commissioned several works for both flute choir and flute and piano.