Dr. Kwame M Brown Dr. Kwame M Brown Assistant Professor Location:Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall235C Phone:757-687-2083 Expertise:Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Adaptive Cognition, Community Programs

Dr. Kwame M. Brown, also known as The Neighborhood Neuroscientist (, is a developmental neuroscientist (Ph.D., Georgetown, B.A. Hampton University), a psychology professor (Hampton University), spoken word poet, and father. 

A neurobiologist by academic training, Dr. Brown's current goal is improving access to growth and innovation in low income/minority communities. He was led to this focus through his community work during and subsequent to his postdoctoral training in spinal cord injury research. Having been raised by a family of educators focused on urban environments, he discovered that his true calling lie in understanding what helps young people learn and innovate change. 

Dr. Brown's primary focus is on understanding the psychological motivations of innovation and entrepreneurship. His overarching goal is to use that research to design state of the art programs and interventions to improve participation in innovation and entrepreneurship among underrepresented minorities. Specific areas of focus include investigating the relationships between adaptive cognition and entrepreneurial intent. 

Prior to returning to his alma mater Hampton University, Dr. Brown served in the nationally renowned Fitness and Wellness Section of Fairfax County Park Authority as Fitness Director of an 83,000 square foot facility, where he was responsible for over 40 part-time employees and all fitness operations.  He traveled across North America for over a decade training professionals in the integration of movement, adadptive cognition, community programming, and child development. He has conducted interactive presentations at institutions and events across the United States including the University of California at Berkeley, The Society for Neuroscience, National Neurotrauma Society Symposia, National Urban League Centennial, and George Mason University. 

Dr. Brown also serves as the advisor to the pre-medical sequence in the Psychology department at Hampton University, and as co-coordinator of the Annual Art of Hip Hop Summit and Showcase. He designed a brand new course, Political Psychology, that began in Spring 2017 and has become one of the department's most popular electives.


Presentations (Abbreviated List):

Panelist, “Health, Wellness, and Longevity”, Conference on The Black Family, March 2014

“Play Based Strategies for Physical Literacy”, Physical Literacy Summit, Hamilton, Ontario, Sept 2013

“PLAY vs. EXERCISE”, Youth Fitness Summit, York University, May 2013

Panel on Childhood Obesity Solutions, Let’s Move The Needle Conference, INOVA/Northern VA Healthy Kids Coalition, April 19, 2012

“Promoting Play in the Lives of Children: A Panel of Play Advocates and Supporters”, ACEI Global Summit on Childhood, March 29, 2012

“Social Neuroscience and Rapport Building”, Frying Pan Farm Park, Herndon, VA, October 2011

Workshop on Active Play, Public Health, and Childhood Obesity, Solano Partnership for Better Health, Solano County, CA, June 2011

“What We Must Understand to Solve Childhood Obesity” (on public health, the environment and obesity solutions), University of California at Berkeley, June 2011

“Move, Play and Learn at Home”, National Head Start Association Parent Training Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, December 2010

“The Influence of Sociocultural Factors on Youth Physical Activity”, National Association for Education of Young Children, Anaheim, CA (with Lorelei Emma, GWU), November 2010

Panel on Youth Obesity, Congressional Black Caucus, Washington, DC, August 2010

Panel on Youth Obesity, National Urban League Centennial, Washington, DC. July 2010

“Starting Young:  Coaching Kids in Healthy Habits”, Club Industry East, New York, NY, May 2010

“You Don’t Have to Yell (Coaching Children)”, AFPA Conference, Ocean City, MD, May 2010

“The Physical Development of a Child”, AFPA Conference, Ocean City, MD, May 2010

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications:

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Other Publications:

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