Dr. Kunio Sayanagi Dr. Kunio Sayanagi Associate Professor Location:Phenix Hall, 119E Phone:757-728-6745 Expertise:Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Dr. Sayanagi’s research interests encompass a wide range of topics in planetary atmospheres.

His research activities can be categorized into three rough areas; Atmospheric Dynamics, Planetary Imaging Science, and Measurement Method Developments.

Dr. Sayanagi studies atmospheric dynamics by numerically modeling atmospheric features such as jetstreams, vortices and waves.  He uses the EPIC Atmosphere Model to perform numerical experiments.

Second, he analyzes images returned from space probes to analyze clouds; in particular, as an Affiliate Member of Cassini Mission‘s Imaging Science Subsystem Team, he analyzes the images returned from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to study the motions and properties of clouds on Saturn. Third, he develops measurement methods and image processing techniques to improve and enable new analysis of images returned from space missions.

Dr. Sayanagi also participates in national and international committees that govern the prioritization of large scientific projects. Dr. Sayanagi served on the National Academy's Planetary Science Decadal Survey as a Giant Planets Panelist. He currently serves on the Steering Committee of NASA's Outer Planets Assessment Group. He has been a member of various planetary mission proposals that have been submitted to NASA and ESA.