Dr. Deidre M Gibson Dr. Deidre M Gibson Associate Professor, and Chair of Marine and Environmental Science Location:Marine Science103 Phone:757-727-5883 Expertise:Biological Oceanography

Dr. Gibson came to Hampton University in 2002 under the NOAA, LMRCSC program, and is noted for the creation of student based programs to promote undergraduate and graduate research in the Marine Sciences.  These programs include DREAMS, COSEE-MA, and Hall Bonner.  She is a biological oceanographer, and some of her zooplankton research has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Science of the Deep: Mid-Water Mysteries.  Dr. Gibson studies gelatinous zooplankton, a unique taxon of the zooplankton community responsible for rapid colonization of neritic environments.  She conducts research on the various life stages of the doliolids and salps to enhance our knowledge on how this zooplankton functions in the marine environment.  She collaborates with other scientist to investigate the zooplankton trophic interaction with the use of state of the art molecular techniques along with traditional zooplankton ecology techniques.